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Ellis Legal Group, with offices in Calgary and Okotoks, is dedicated to family and estate law. When experiencing life transitions such as divorce, entering a marriage or common-law relationship, or planning your estate, our dedicated team of legal professionals ensures you and your loved ones are fully protected. 

At Ellis Legal Group, we know the law can feel intimidating, especially during times of personal transition. Our experienced staff offer a comprehensive range of legal solutions - tailored to meet your unique needs and delivered with care to empower you to create a strong foundation on which to build your new future.

Guidance and Support Throughout Your Transition

Ellis Legal Group’s vision is to become your greatest asset during times of family transition. 

Taking a common sense and client-centered approach, we educate our clients on family law so the journey becomes less intimidating and easier to navigate. We guide you through a comprehensive range of legal options, which are then customized to fit your unique needs and the needs of your loved ones. 

Being client-centered also means everything we do is done with integrity and professionalism in a supportive and caring manner. 

By providing the highest quality legal advice along with accurate information and options, you will be better able to make decisions and reposition yourself to arrive at your best future.

Family Law Professionals with Heart

At Ellis Legal Group, family law is all we practice. Whether a relationship is ending or beginning, or you are planning for the future of your family, we are here to serve you with heart, professionalism and integrity. 

Surviving a breakdown in your cohabitation status, a marital separation or divorce, or navigating child support and parenting arrangements can feel complicated and overwhelming. It may be difficult to know who to trust and how to move forward. We understand and have the experience and compassion to help see you through to the other side. 

Getting married or entering into a common-law living arrangement can be a happy and exciting time. The benefit of a professionally drafted prenuptial or cohabitation agreement ensures you begin your life together on a solid foundation of mutual understanding and transparency. In the event of a relationship breakdown, a legal agreement minimizes emotional distress, fighting and legal fees. 

Estate planning is not just about end of life planning. It is about honouring your loved ones and sparing them the pain of sorting through your affairs while dealing with their emotions and grief should you become incapacitated or pass away. It’s about clearly communicating your wishes to avoid a situation that can become highly contentious when you can no longer make decisions.

Client-centred Family Law Advocates

Our experienced team of lawyers is dedicated to family and estate law and will provide you with the highest quality legal advice and service available. We ensure you understand all aspects of the law related to your particular matter, explore solutions collaboratively, and are accessible and supportive throughout the process. 

Call us at (403) 879-1635 to book your free consultation today.

Legal Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

The decisions you make around ending a relationship, choosing to get married or live together, or planning your estate, can have serious, long-term implications for you and your loved ones. The legal process can seem complicated and intimidating, especially if you are under stress. Ellis Legal Group is committed to helping you fully understand the law as it pertains to your situation and explore legal solutions tailored to you and your unique circumstances.

People who come to us for help are often overwhelmed by fear and emotion and unsure about what to do, so our first step is to listen and to understand who they are and what is happening in their lives. At that point we, along with the client, determine whether our services are the right fit for their needs.  

  • Building relationships
    The informal atmosphere in our offices facilitates a personal connection with our clients. With offices in Calgary and Okotoks, our team will accommodate your needs with flexible office hours, and meetings are usually held via phone or video. We’re not stuffy, don’t always wear suits (except for court appearances) and we take the intimidation out of the process by providing a welcoming environment and communicating in plain language. 

  • Flexible payment options
    All our associates are qualified lawyers, with the only difference being levels of experience, which allows us to offer clients more fee flexibility depending on the complexity of their situation. We also offer flexible payment options including monthly payments and flat-rate billing (as opposed to time-based), We accept credit cards and can extend credit under certain circumstances.

  • A win-win approach
    Whenever possible, we aim for a win-win solution by advocating on behalf of our clients in the least contentious way possible, saving time and money and minimizing the emotional stress and turmoil caused by an overly aggressive approach. 

  • Tailored to your needs
    We can also offer unbundled legal services, which means you choose what elements of the case you take on yourself. You may not need us to handle the entire matter - perhaps just prepare and review documents,  negotiate a settlement or appear in court on your behalf. We provide professional assistance where and when you need it, saving you money and empowering you to manage your own affairs. 

Ultimately, our clients know we care about them and their families, which is why they return to us throughout the various stages and events of their lives. While our relationship with clients often begins with divorce or separation, they will often come back to amend any existing orders (alimony, child support, etc.), plan their estate, or to have a new prenuptial or cohabitation agreement drawn up. This long-term relationship increases efficiency, saves money and allows us the privilege of staying connected to our clients and their lives.


Family and Estate Law by Experienced Professionals

Divorce & Separation:

Experiencing divorce, separation, and all related matters such as child and spousal support, custody and access, and division of assets can be confusing and traumatic. Ellis Legal Group provides unparalleled guidance and advice in the least disruptive and most cost-effective way. Click here to learn more about Divorce & Seperations.

Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements:

Moving in together to share your life, whether in a marriage or common-law situation, is an exciting time, but also a good time to have some honest conversations. Ellis Legal Group can help you put together an agreement to protect your assets and plan for the unexpected. Click here to learn more about Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements.

Estate Services:

Leaving a Will and Estate Plan is a gift to your family and protects them from scrambling to sort out your wishes during a sad and stressful time. Our experienced team at Ellis Legal Group can help you plan your estate to ensure your wishes are clearly articulated and carried out and in the event of your incapacity or death. Click here to learn more about Estate Services.

Our Practice is Dedicated to Family Law

Our Practice is Dedicated to Family Law

Let us be your greatest asset during times of family transition. Ellis Legal Group takes a client-centered approach by educating our clients on family law, guiding you through a range of legal options, and customizing solutions to meet your unique needs. Being client-centered also means we do everything in a caring and supportive manner and with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Serving Calgary, Okotoks and surrounding areas.

Get Started Today With a Free Consultation

Divorce, separation, entering a marriage or common-law relationship, and planning your estate are significant, and sometimes traumatic, life transitions. Let us provide you with the information and support you need to plan for your best future. 

Call us at (403) 879-1635 and book your free consultation today.

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